The 3rd International Olympiad of Metropolises

The second round of the international Olympiad of Metropolises has finished in Moscow

The second main round of the international olympiad of Metropolises has been held in Moscow. Participants from more than 30 cities worked on tasks in four subjects.

School №1253 welcomed young chemists. For four hours participants were solving problems of the theoretical round – five tasks in inorganic, organic, physical and biological chemistry. In school №2030 the international company of physicists were working on three problems, for that they were given six hours. Four problems in informatics and four – in mathematics awaited the participants in headquarters of Yandex company and in the school №1241, respectively.

Bogdan Shishkin from Almaty told about the tasks of the second round in physics: “The tasks were difficult and interesting, we had to work really hard on them. The first task required the knowledge of mechanics. The theme of the second, which is my favorite, by the way, was electric current: direct and alternating. And in the problem number three there was a mixture of photometry, nuclear physics, heat transfer and gravitational astronomy. I did everything I could and hopefully I did good».

There’re a lot of experienced participants among the guests of the olympiad. For example, Yan Yau Chang from Hong Kong took part in the international mathematics Olympiad this summer and now he came to Moscow. He highly appreciated the tasks of the second round in math: “That’s my first time on this olympiad and I really like it. It’s so cool to see participants from all over the world gathered in the same place! Mathematics unites people – that’s great. The tasks were interesting, I managed to solve three out of three. Hopefully, I got everything right, but I can’t say for sure if I will win or not. I didn’t have a chance to get a serious preparation for this olympiad, because before I was busy participating in other international competitions. I’ve been studying math on a very high level for 3-4 years already».

Today the participants have an opportunity to have a look at their works and ask the jury their questions. The names of the winners will be announced during the closing ceremony in the World Trade Centre on 7 September.

The third international olympiad of Metropolises is held in Moscow from 2 to 7 September at the initiative of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. The participants of the olympiad are students aged 14 to 18. Each city is represented by a team of 8 participants and 3 teamleaders.