The 3rd International Olympiad of Metropolises

The first round of the international olympiad of Metropolises has been held in Moscow

The first main round of the international olympiad of Metropolises has been held in Moscow on 4 September. The competitions took place on four locations.

Young physicists were welcomed by the school №2030. Their first round was experimental, students had an opportunity to try themselves as radio operators: their task was to build an oscillator of high-frequency signal and a radio receiver which resembled the ones used in cars. Then they were to get a signal with a word in Morse code and decode it.

Practical round in chemistry took part in the school №1253. During 4.5 hours students were working on the experiments in inorganic and analуtical chemistry. Competition in maths took part in the school №1241, and the participants of the informatics olympiad were working on four problems in the headquarters of Yandex company.

Both the participants and the team-leaders highly appreciated the level of the tasks. «Our participants were really impressed by the problems in physics and maths. We had been preparing for this olympiad for 6 months. As a professor I can say, that the level of tasks (in mathematics in particular) is rather high. And that’s great, as it makes our students work harder!» - says the team-leader from Lima Victor Vera Servantes.

The participant from Baku Ali Aliev told about his impressions after the first round of chemistry olympiad: «That’s my second time on the olympiad of Metropolises. I liked the tasks in inorganic chemistry more, than the last year’s problems in organic chemistry. This year I’ve also been a participant of the International chemistry olympiad and I can say, that the tasks on the olympiad of Metropolises is difficult, too».

The second round of the olympiad takes place tomorrow, 5 September, where all the participants will get problems to solve.

The organizers prepared for the students not only the competition, but also interesting sightseeing tours around Moscow. Guests of the city will visit the Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and Moscow Kremlin Museums.