The 3rd International Olympiad of Metropolises

Moscow team won the blitz-contest of the third olympiad of Metropolises

Team of Moscow students became winners of the interdisciplinary blitz-contest of the international olympiad of Metropolises, which was held today in school №1253. Hong Kong and Shanghai got the second and third places, respectively.

Moscow students earned 72 points out of 80, participants from Hong Kong - 70, from Shanghai - 68. Top-10 also includes teams of Belgrade, Sofia, Jakarta, St Petersburg, Minsk, Istanbul and Budapest. 

For 2 hours teams of students from metropolises and capitals of the world had been working on 80 tasks in chemistry, informatics, maths and physics. 

The best result in chemistry was shown by the team of Baku, that got all the problems’ solutions right. The team of Shanghai was especially good at maths - they got 20 points out of 20 possible. Moscow got the best result in physics, and teams of Hong Kong, Shanghai and St Petersburg won the biggest number of points in informatics.

Students of Russian schools also took part in the blitz-contest and got into the unofficial team ranking. For the first time this year students from all over the world got the possibility to participate in this contest online.

Blitz-contest is an intellectual warm-up before the main competitions, and also that’s a great possibility to have a look at the tasks from all over the world. Results of this competition won’t be aggregated to the final points and won’t be taken into account. 

Tomorrow the first round in chemistry, informatics, mathematics and physics is held. The second one takes place on 5 September. The Olympiad of Metropolises is held from 2 to 7 of September. Among the participants there’re students from more than 30 cities.